1 Hotels Brooklyn Bridge

When a hotel is imagined as an extension of its neighboring park, guests can be sure of a stay inspired by the best of nature—and, as 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge achieves, pleasure that’s kind to the planet.

Few hotels embody the green movement like 1 Hotels, the mission-driven, eco-luxe hotel group that pioneers sustainability.

It’s a brand ethos that oozes from 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge, a five-star waterfront hotel whose design takes inspiration from Brooklyn Bridge Park and the industrial past of the neighborhood. Outwards, guests are treated to impressive panoramic views of the iconic Manhattan skyline, but within is where the true beauty lies: interiors outfitted by local artists, Brooklyn-made furnishings, native plants and reclaimed materials—all built on a commitment to sustainability and green initiatives.

“1 Hotels started from a simple idea—the world we live in is beautiful, and we want to keep it that way,” says Barry Sternlicht, the brand’s CEO and chairman.

This philosophy has informed every aspect of 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge, the third property in the group’s growing portfolio. Architect Jonathan Marvel sought to seamlessly blend the experience of being in a hotel with that of the parkland on its doorstep.

1 Hotels started from a simple
idea—the world we live in is beautiful,
and we want to keep it that way

Nature top of mind

Building on the belief that nature can change how we feel and shift our perspective, Biophilic design has been used to increase guests’ connectivity to the natural environment. According to general manager Hans Schaepman, this “keeps nature top of mind.”

Living elements, such as preserved moss and greenery, meander throughout each of the 194 guest rooms and suites, which are accessed by keys made from reclaimed wood. Within, custom bath products featuring naturally derived and scented ingredients contribute to the sense of sanctuary, and guests bed down on eco-friendly Keetsa mattresses.In the lobby, a floor-to-ceiling wall of creeping figs and ferns imbues a sense of calm.

Sustainability without sacrifice is the consistent message. “1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge is always driving awareness that one can live luxuriously while still being conscious of, and having a positive effect on, the planet,” says Schaepman.

The reclaimed materials used in structure and design are locally sourced—the original heart pine beams come from the former Domino Sugar Factory; the walnut originates from the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens; the pine flooring comes from the Old Crow Distillery in Kentucky; and the dining room tabletops are made from the wood of trees that fell during Hurricane Sandy.

1 Hotels Brooklyn Bridge is always driving awareness that one can live luxuriously while still being conscious of, and having a positive effect on, the planet

A way of life

Then there are the hotel’s green initiatives. Wind powers the entire property, and resource use is monitored to reduce waste. Five-minute timers in the showers gently encourage guests to be mindful of their water use, while a unique water reclamation system collects rainwater to irrigate Brooklyn Bridge Park. A filtration system eliminates the need for single-use water bottles.

At the main restaurant, The Osprey, the cocktail program has been devised to minimize food waste. Discarded fruit rinds and other usable ingredients gain new life in syrups and shrubs for cocktails—from vodka infused with butterfly pea flower and passion fruit to a bourbon-based aperitif steeped in turmeric and Aperol.

When guests wish to venture out, Tesla electric vehicles are at their disposal for complimentary rides within three miles of the property.


Compelling campaigns

A keen focus on environmental impact is a way of life for 1 Hotels, and it is building its brand around advocacy, education and engagement on relevant issues. It organizes community activities and paid volunteer days for its teams, as well as related initiatives and partnerships. Above all, the brand identifies as a platform for change.

A brand’s eco credentials have never been more important, with trends indicating consumer preference for those with a smaller environmental footprint. As 1 Hotels prepares to open its next property in Toronto in the coming months, eyes will follow what the brand achieves next in its pursuit of luxury stays that are kind to the planet.


images copyrights 1 Hotels Brooklyn Bridge
words by Emily Eastman

September 30, 2020


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