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So who are you?

Nathalie: I’ve been a travel editor and publisher for about 17 years. Through my work, I traveled to hundreds of luxury hotels around the world and quickly realized what sets some apart from the crowd.

Visiting all these properties from boutique to high-end, and in a world where they all pretty much offer exceptional service and the most comfortable beds, something else needed to come into play.

Growing into a sustainable personal lifestyle, the need to be more conscious about our planet, local communities, and all living species on it is now a no brainer.

I’ve published over 30 hotel books and 2 magazines specifically curated for UHNWI, and in order to find very special places for this audience, I started to only select and feature the most innovative hotels and resorts that practice sustainable actions and innovate in the way they operate, while making zero compromise on luxury services.


How did this start?

Nathalie: The dots connected when I saw how many hotels practice sustainability and offer impeccable service but the two worlds seem to be quite disconnected in the eye of the public (sustainable ≠ luxury). There was no platform for this specific segment within luxury travel so I decided to give a voice to all these properties that act for the better and a tool for travelers who don’t want to compromise when trying to unwind.

All plastics used on-site, shipments coming from the other side of the planet, or the type of foods being served to allowing cremes that destroy corals, there are so many subjects to tackle.

With his background in e-commerce, travel and concierge services, Antoine joined this journey with his vision and travel history. We’ve explored a few places together and the conversation on sustainability has taken a larger part every year.


What is your goal here?

Antoine: I think sustainability as a whole shouldn’t be a marketing tool but rather a chance for everyone to have a positive impact of the planet and their community.

From educating travelers to highlight best practices or encourage hoteliers to do better, I believe RETHINK.TRAVEL can change how people think and operate, for good. We want to make sustainable travel the new standard, by empowering travelers and hoteliers to make conscious decisions.


Why just luxury hotels?

Antoine: Because these are the ones we know and have worked with for so long. They also appeal to the audiences we work with. We know of their incredible and forward-thinking approach on sustainable practices for a while and wanted to give them the visibility they deserve, with the hope that more will follow.

We also believe this is the beginning of a journey, who knows where this will take us, and the luxury industry is where investments can be made, it is where you find the early adopters, so once this becomes the new normal, everything else will come into place.

“We took consciousness of our environment the first time we saw our world from under water”

Unless provided by individual properties or Unsplash.com,
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