São Teotónio – Portugal

If it were not located in a very specific place, in the middle of the Alentejo Coast , near the Zambujeira do Mar , the Craveiral would really be out of this world. Because it is the perfect combination between the beauty of nature and the comfort of modern life. Between luxury and simplicity. Because it offers the autonomy and privacy of an independent house and the comfort of feeling supported in everything you need.

Sustainability Focuses

  • In partnership with the Vila com Vida Association, and APCO – Association of Cerebral Palsy of Odemira – employ young people with cognitive impairment, who help bring “Pizzeria Com Vida” to life. This project was developed in conjunction with Pizzeria in Bocca al Lupo, who guided the team in the know-how.
Fair Food
  • The concept is clear: farm-to-table, with a preference for products from the region and Craveiral’s own garden and total respect for season.
  • There is no lack, though, of game and fresh fish caught by local fishermen, nor the wonder regional bread, typical tomato soup and famous medronho (traditional fruit brandy) to help to digest it all. From tapas to Alentejo-style dishes, the menu promises generous and authentic food experiences, all comforting suggestions that challenge the palate and sharpen the desire to return.
  • Organic pizzas full of local ingredients also emerge from an elegant portable wood-fired oven, the starting point for a partnership with the Vila Com Vida Association and the pizzeria In Bocca al Lupo whose aim is to create job opportunities at Craveiral for young people with autism, Asperger’s and Down syndrome.
  • As Craveiral is fundamentally a nature experience, respecting the environment around it has been a priority from the start. For example, the project was the target of a prior environmental impact study and the placing of the buildings was studied to respect the existing trees, as well as the most fragile areas. This was all protected during the building stage too, without unnecessary clearing of trees. Notably, only four pines were cut down during the whole process (and these were diseased) and, in total, the built area only occupies 4% of the property’s 9 hectares.
Water Management
  • The garden is watered from a borehole and rainwater is used to water the landscape.
  • Grey water (from washing) is treated and reused to flush the toilets and water the land. 


38 houses, from a studio to a 2 bed house.


Farm-to-table Restaurant
Educational Farm
Permaculture Garden
Nature Center
Indoor Swimming-Pool
Outdoor Swimming-Pool


Horseback Riding
Surfing Lessons


Craveiral is in São Teotónio, just 15 minutes from the beaches of Zambujeira do Mar and Carvalhal, in the heart of southwestern Alentejano.
Leaving São Teotónio towards Relva Grande on the EM501, passing the small town Quintas continues straight ahead, Craveiral is located 6 min (4.5 km) on your right.


In São Teotónio, the summers are warm, arid, and mostly clear and the winters are cold, windy, and partly cloudy. Over the course of the year, the maximum temperature typically varies from 15°C to 25°C.

Good to Know

There is a Nature Interpretation Centre (CIN) built in the pine woods, with a view of a natural temporary Mediterranean bog, and is based on a bold wood and glass structure. This facility can hold a variety of events like workshops and yoga lessons, alongside concerts and corporate events.


At the Wellbeing Centre you can enjoy a hot-water swim, jacuzzi, steamroom and sauna, in addition to a fireplace and a priceless view of the scenery. Fitness will also find a gym.

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