Le Mas de Peint

Le Mas de Peint
Arles, France

The Bon family invites you to discover a secret and wild Camargue, land of passion and traditions, in the South of Provence. Their 17th century charming hotel offers 8 rooms and 7 junior suites allying big comfort and character, at the same time modern and refined. Experience their Camargue universe: Ride beside the « gardians » (French cowboys) through the wide-open spaces and taste fresh and healthy food from the vegetable garden.


8 Rooms
6 Junior Suites
1 Family Suite


Outdoor swimming pool
Reception Areas
Park and Gardens
Relaxation Salon
Parking Space


Horseback Riding
Ornithologic Guide
Guided Tour

Sustainable Focuses

  • Local businesses, natural and regional materials have carefully been selected.
  • Eco-label: “Valeurs Parcs Régional” brand – Regional Natural Park value, promoting agricultural businesses and tourist establishments engaged in the preservation of the environment, for the well-being of the women and men who live in this territory, as well as for the development of the local economy.
Fair Food
  • The restaurant is based on products from the farm, the vegetable garden and local producers.
  • Implemented permaculture and have their own organic vegetable garden.
Waste Control
  • Glass, paper, battery, plastic and composting organic waste from the restaurant are all sorted.
  • The staff is trained in selective sorting and can advise on specific collection points around the hotel.


The hot season lasts from June to September with an average daily high temperature above 27°C. The cool season runs usually from November to March with an average daily temperature around 14°C.

Good to Know

The Camargue is home to more than 400 species of birds and its brine ponds provide one of the few European habitats for the greater flamingo. Officially established as a regional park and nature reserve in 1970, the Parc Naturel Régional de Camargue covers 820 km². This territory is some of the most natural and most protected in all of Europe. A roadside museum provides background on flora, fauna, and the history of the area.


The property offers 3 atmospheres from the dining room to the pool through the terrace. The chef serves fresh, generous and sincere dishes with the look and taste of the Camargue by selecting carefully products coming exclusively from the farm and local growers committed to sustainable agriculture. Bull meat, rice, Camargue olive oil from the farm, fruits and vegetables from the garden guide the inspiration by the rhythm of seasons.


From Arles, follow the road to Saintes Maries de la Mer – Salin de Giraud (D570) About 2 Km after the second round about, take left to Salin de Giraud – Le Sambuc (D36) About 20Km (12-13 Miles) you will cross the Sambuc village. Continue straight. 2 Km after the village, look for the sign « LE MAS DE PEINT » and take left to enter the hotel.

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