Nimmo Bay

Nimmo Bay
Great Bear Rainforest, Canada

Nimmo Bay Wilderness Resort is an intimate family-owned and operated resort in the Great Bear Rainforest of British Columbia on Canada’s rugged west coast, accessible by floatplane or helicopter. The remote location, tailored itineraries and unparalleled hospitality offer guests extraordinary wellness, wilderness and wildlife experiences by land, water, and sky. Here, guests discover the magnificence of the region, with abundant wildlife and pristine landscapes from lush rainforest and river valleys up to heavenly mountaintops and 10,000-year-old glaciers. 


6 Intertidal cabins with beautiful ocean and mountain views
3 Forest cabins which are tucked into the forest next to the onsite waterfall


Hot Tubs
Floating Sauna
Fire deck
Outdoor rain shower
Fitness room
Yoga studio
Gift shop
Games Room (poker table, satellite television)


Guided hike
Boat Trip
Yoga Classes
Stand-up Paddle
Wellness Experiences
Helicopter Adventures
Local Wildlife Watching

Sustainable Focuses

Clean Energy
  • Operate a small hydro system that can support all of the energy needs about 85% of the time which reduces their footprint significantly.  The hydro system has been operating since the early 1980s!  Although the hydro system is the biggest and best way to reduce their impact on the environment, they are also actively engaged in reducing their current carbon footprint in several other areas of the operation. They work with  Synergy Enterprises  who have produced a baseline environmental analysis for the property and will be working with them to meet their reduction goals.   
  • Installed a water-powered electricity system.
  • Reduced their Greenhouse Gas emissions.
  • Adopted an Ecosystem-Based Management strategy.
  • Defined their carbon emissions as accurately as possible.
  • To offset their carbon footprint, which cannot be further reduced, they have elected to be Carbon Responsible and invest in local carbon reduction and conservation projects.
  • Hire locally, buy locally, and provide local artists with a venue where global tourists can view their work.
  • Prefer indigenous organic foods, and the seafood comes from local commercial fisherman only.
  • Supports and works with the  Sea to Cedar Foundation on all of their projects including a coastal carnivore conservation initiate, a salmon genetics collection and mapping program called Catch, Clip, Release and several youth initiatives in the area including a multi-day paddle expedition and education trip for local First Nations youth.  Guests are welcome to take part in all of the programs as a way of educating and inspiring the wider population.
  • Starting in 2012, Nimmo Bay presented a unique incentive to hunters in British Columbia. The Bullets for Binos program offered the opportunity to trade in a coveted license to trophy hunt a Grizzly bear for a bear viewing trip for 2 people to Nimmo Bay! Since the inception of this offer, Nimmo Bay has collected over 10 tags, effectively saving as many bears and changing the perception of the hunters involved. After years of lobbying, the British Columbia government has banned trophy hunting of Grizzly bears province-wide. Nimmo Bay played a pivotal role in rallying public support for the ban.
Wellness Products
  • Environmentally sound cleaning products are used for all cleaning, and special soaps and shampoos are provided for our guests.


Guests are welcome 6 months of the year, from the beginning of May to the end of October. Temperatures typically range from 10°C  in the early  and later months and up to 30°C in August. That being said Nimmo Bay is located in a rainforest and it can certainly live up to that so its always good to prepare for a little drizzle!

Good to Know

In 2018 the Murray family who founded and operate Nimmo Bay Resort, started a family climate fund in order to push forward conservation projects that are near and dear to their hearts. This not-for-profit foundation is a pillar of support for high impact local projects ranging from helping communities reduce their dependence on fossil fuel energy sources to reforestation projects.


Wild Within: This intentional experience is an invitation to open up and dive deep to create a healing shift within. Nimmo Bay’s wellness practitioner will hold space for guests through a combination of body balancing treatments, energetic work and one on one sessions, including a nourishing spa lunch.


Nimmo Bay is remotely located in the Southern Great Bear Rainforest of British Columbia, Canada. The fly-in lodge is accessible via charter floatplane which is arranged by the Nimmo Bay team. There are set arrivals and departures which take place in the early evening on Monday and Thursday. Transfers are not included in the Nimmo Bay packages, but are arranged by the Nimmo Bay team.

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