Mana Pools, Zimbabwe

Situated in a large private concession in the heart of the Zambezi Valley’s Mana Pools National Park in Zimbabwe, Wilderness Safaris Ruckomechi looks out from the banks of the mighty Zambezi River. Ten spacious and beautifully decorated en-suite tents, including two family rooms, lie beneath the ana trees, best-beloved of local elephant for their nutritious seeds. Ruckomechi is a remote, picturesque place with spectacular views of the broad flowing river, the adjacent woodland and the mountains of the Rift Valley escarpment.


8 one-bedroom Guest Tents
2 two-bedroom Tented Family Rooms


Fire pit
Bath with a View
Dining and Bar area
Outdoor sunken lounge area with star gazing/fire deck


Day and night game drives
Guided nature walks
River cruises
Star Bed
Fishing on a catch-and-release basis
Olympus Photo Hub experience 

Sustainable Focuses

Clean Energy
  • In keeping with their objective of reducing energy consumption and fuel use at all the camps, Magashi is 100% solar powered, with electricity and hot water provided via solar panels and inverters. 

  • Children in the Wilderness Zambezi (Zimbabwe and Zambia) runs weekly Eco-Club and Youth Environmental Stewardship programmes in partner schools, inspiring positive action in the children and facilitating sustainable conservation through leadership development. 
  • Wilderness Safaris supports the Painted Dog Conservation Project which monitors the population status of wild dog in Mana Pools, and other national parks, as well as the human-wild dog conflict. Its mission is to protect and increase the range and number of wild dog through research, relocation, education and community involvement.

  • Guests are invited to ‘Pack for a Purpose’, and bring essential supplies for the children and adults of communities supported by Wilderness Safaris.

Fair Food
  • More than just a movement to introduce a larger variety of plant based dishes into their menus, and prioritising fish and chicken over red meat, they also prioritise legumes, grains and other plants over animal protein in the majority of Ruckomechi’s menus.
  • The use of the shades of blue in the guest tent interiors was inspired by the beautiful deep-blue colours of the Zambezi River at sunset; these hues are also picked up in the trading-glass beads in the Lozi wooden bowls, and the handblown glass vases on the console tables and desk.
Natural Design
  • Subtle interiors have been used in the guest areas and tented suites to ensure that the main focal point remains the sweeping views of the Zambezi River and evocative escarpment beyond. 

Waste Control
  • Waste water (sewage and grey water) is treated to ensure that the water is clean before being allowed to enter the natural environment.
Water Management
  • In order to reduce the use of bottled water, reverse osmosis filtration is done on site to provide guests with high-quality drinking water.


Winter is the coolest and driest time of the year with daytime temperatures rising towards October, and offers a great visibility in leafless woodland. During the transition season, the climate remains moderate with a mix of the green and dry seasons including the dynamics of a change in season. Ruckomechi is closed during Zimbabwe’s summer season.

Good to Know

As a private-access area neighbouring Mana Pools National Park, Ruckomechi joins the park in playing an important role in protecting what is considered to be one of the great wildlife spectacles on the continent and in preserving a feel of real wilderness. 


The holistic approach to reducing their foodprint means sourcing indigenous ingredients, supporting local communities and farms, and reducing their food waste substantially through innovative menus using root to stem dishes and upcycling ingredients.


Victoria Falls International Airport (VFAI) is an important access hub for Zimbabwe, as well as the rest of southern Africa. A Wilderness Air light aircraft transfers guests between VFAI (or Harare, depending on guests’ travel arrangements) and Ruckomechi. 

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