Senda Monteverde

Senda Monteverde
Monteverde, Costa Rica

Senda Monteverde is a new mountain and cloud forest retreat in Costa Rica, located just a stone’s throw from the famous Monteverde Cloud Forest Preserve. Reflecting the warmth and spirit of mountain life, this upscale hotel creates a casual and contemporary lodging experience in harmony with its lush surroundings. Senda Monteverde is all about embracing the outdoors, discovering a playful sense of adventure and experiencing cozy mountain relaxation.


24 Suites and Rooms


Restaurant & Bar
Yoga Studio


Night Walk
Sunset Bonfires
Craft Beer Tasting
Horseback Riding
Coffee & Cacao Tasting

Sustainable Focuses

Clean Energy
  • Water is heated with solar panels for guest and kitchen use. If it happens to be cloudy, they have energy-saving auxiliary water heaters as a backup.

  • Hiring locally is the backbone of their commitment to the Monteverde Community. The staff is exclusively Costa Rican, with the majority of our team born and raised within walking distance of the hotel.
  • Staff salaries are higher than the national average and the staff is hired year-round.
  • Run cross-training courses and also promote internally whenever possible. Actively seek to create opportunities for professional and personal growth for the staff at Senda.
  • In the process of reviving the hotel, they’ve planted over 5,500 native plants and trees across the grounds so far, bringing life back to the land.
  • Partnered with Monteverde Forest Clean Up, a group of young locals dedicated to keeping Monteverde as nature intended. And the staff members volunteer their time to help clean up the natural areas of the town that need a little extra love.
  • Future projects include the development of a new environmental education campaign in Monteverde, designed to tackle waste management issues at the source.
Fair Food
  • Much of the restaurant food comes from just around the corner: every product is organic, every chicken is hormone-free, every cow is grass-fed, the breakfast eggs are free-range, and the fish is always responsibly-sourced.
  • Minibars are stocked with only local drinks and snacks.
  • Located beside a private cloud forest reserve that’s teeming with biodiversity. And every guests visiting makes a small contribution to its protection. When you stay at Senda Monteverde, you’ll get complimentary access to the Aguti Wildlife Reserve all year round.
Waste Control
  • They banished all plastic water bottles from the resort.
Water Management
  • The fully biodegradable products they use don’t contain hazardous chemicals so they won’t adversely affect the ecosystem.
Wellness Products
  • Bathroom amenities are made locally.


Located some 1400 meters above sea level, temperatures are pleasant year round, ranging between 20-25° during the day, before dropping at night. While dry weather can never be guaranteed in moisture-rich Monteverde, the dry season runs from January to mid-May and the green season from late May through December.

Good to Know

Extending down the Caribbean and Pacific slopes of Costa Rica’s Continental Divide, the cloud forests of Monteverde house 50% of Costa Rica’s flora and fauna species. Located just minutes from the hotel, the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve protects 26,000 acres of rare cloud forest and houses multiple different biological zones, making it a true paradise for nature lovers.


The team works closely with local suppliers to ensure that every product is organic, that every chicken is hormone-free, and that every cow is grass-fed. Your breakfast eggs will be free-range, and your fish will always be responsibly-sourced. Local farmers and fishermen who do things right can live sustainably while you enjoy truly home-grown and gourmet meals at El Sapo Restaurant.


The best option if you want to explore Costa Rica at your own pace is to fly to Liberia International Airport (LIR), rent a car and drive to Monteverde (2.5hrs). It is highly recommend renting a 4X2 SUV. The majority of the drive is on paved road, however the final 18km is on gravel road and a little more rough.

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