Lake Koggala, Sri Lanka

Guided by nature, evolved with aesthetic passion, and fortified by an all-encompassing sustainable philosophy, Tri is a masterpiece of forward-thinking flair, where mathematical marries artistic and intelligence embraces emotion. Tri’s Golden Ratio theme developed organically; a contour survey of the site informed the spiral pattern and the positioning of the buildings and Tri’s unique design ethos.

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Tri is Sri Lanka’s first truly contemporary sustainable luxury design hotel. Not far from Galle Fort, on the shores of Koggala Lake (Sri Lanka’s largest natural lake) and within easy reach of the best beaches in the south, 11 suites spiral a six-acre hill of outstanding natural beauty.

Living walls, green roofs, solar arrays, edible gardens and entirely local materials unify accommodations and landscape. Sequential spaces emanate from a central water tower that captures spectacular 360° views. Creative experiences stimulate body, mind and soul, proudly showcasing Sri Lanka’s finest ingredients, materials, services and facilities.

Sustainability Focuses

  • Tri is committed to reversing habitat degradation, increasing flora and fauna diversity (a total of 51 bird species, 18 butterflies and 9 dragonflies were identified on site prior to construction), and planting indigenous trees and bushes. 
  • A mangrove planting and shoreline protection programme has also been initiated to tackle lakeshore erosion.
Clean Energy
  • Guided by local green consultancy Carbon Consulting Company, Tri is intent on reducing its carbon footprint annually and promoting sustainable practices at all times, including the careful monitoring of water and electricity consumption.
  • Solar PV panels and solar arrays harvest natural power, with energy use minimised through the latest appliance inverter technology and LED lighting (which also limits disturbance to the biotic community).
Natural Design
  • Living roofs are planted with native creepers and sedums like water grass, beach purslane and dwarf bamboo.
  • Water gardens, swales and rainwater channelling have been incorporated into the meticulous design to help minimise erosion.
  • Harvested rainwater and natural fertilisers nourish the grounds and edible gardens.
  • Tea, cinnamon, lemongrass and bamboo follow the contours that lead down to the lake, where a forest path of endemic trees and mangroves attracts native butterflies and nesting birds.
  • Windows, doors, flooring and cladding have been crafted from entirely recycled local jak wood. Cinnamon sticks are used on exteriors to blend buildings into the land, enhance privacy and regulate temperature. Balconies and terraces are finished with natural pebble wash made from stones sifted from on-site construction sand.
  • Three forms of local granite – natural, handpicked and bush-hammered -are used to create pathways, flooring, steps, vanities and shower walls.


Eight villa suites and three rooms:
Water Tower Rooms
Lake Suites
Lake Villas
Lake Villa with pool
Tri Villa
Family Villa


Swimming Pool
Restaurant & Bar
Two Spa Therapy Rooms
Yogashala (up to 12 guests)


Cookery Classes
Animal Watching


Bandaranaike International Airport in Colombo is around 2 hours and a half drive away.


Tri has a tropical rainforest climate with highs around 29°C all year long. The best time to visit would be from January until April and October until December, when you will have a warm temperature and limited rainfall.

Good to Know

The estate at Handanugoda is a lowland plantation about 20mins from Tri and perhaps the closest plantation to the ocean. Apart from producing a fine range of black and green teas they are famed for introducing white, or silver, teas according to the ancient methods employed by the imperial courts in China. It is a fully operating estate with its own factory. A fascinating glimpse of tea production.


Wellbeing at Tri is rather special. Overlooking the treetops, the two treatment rooms with cool white terrazzo walls, natural slate floors and large windows, and sheltered relaxation space, promise tranquility in which to enjoy expert Ayurvedic and other therapies.


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