Zannier Hotels Omaanda

Zannier Hotels Omaanda
Windhoek East, Namibia

Zannier Hotels Omaanda is a 10-hut Owambo-style lodge in Namibia, just half an hour from Windhoek. Elevated views stretch across savannahs to the Khomas Hochland Plateau beyond. African antiques continue the cultural context of the rush-thatched round huts, each with their own sunken bathtub and panoramic terrace. Spend time between adventures by the infinity pool, rejuvenating with Namibian spa treatments or sampling local delicacies at the Ambo Delights restaurant. As night falls, gather for star-lit fireside cocktails, around the authentic Boma.

Sustainability Focuses

Clean Energy
  • A combination of solar power (70%) and electricity from the city network (30%) is used for all the lodge’s power supply. 
  • Use alternative energy sources such as wind or waterpower to activate generators. 
  • U light detectors and used mainly low consumption led bulbs. All electric furniture used are A++. 
  • Thermostats are used for heating or cooling.
  • Nearly 95% of the staff is from Namibia, and wages are at least 30% higher than the average local salary. 
  • All the staff is trained in Namibia, and the guides collaborate with people from the San tribe to share local knowledge about fauna and flora.
  • Artworks and gifts displayed in the boutique all come from Namibia and benefit the Zannier Reserve, to sustain responsible tourism. 
  • All uniforms have been made according to Namibian patterns in Windhoek, as a cultural tribute.
  • Non-intrusive Policy: within our reserve, animals and vegetables come before humans. 
  • Partnership with N/A’an ku sê: It has been decided to partner with a local renowned NGO called N/A’an ku sê, who are experts in preservation of local endangered species. They run the reserve on the group behalf. Besides, a large anti-poaching unit has been created, with experienced armed rangers that constantly make sure no poachers try to penetrate the reserve (24/7 presence). 
  • Reintroduction Policy: the aim of the reserve is not only to preserve the existing fauna and flora but also to reintroduce animals in their original wild habitat.  
  • Respectful and dignified excursions: Several excursions are offered at Zannier Hotels Omaanda, and all are designed not only to spot wild animals and show Namibian’s beauty but also to educate about the property’s conservancy actions.
Fair Food
  • Relay on local farming ant to partner with bio-farmers from the region for the dairy, meat and herbs (located outside of animal reserves in greener areas). 
  • Fruits and vegetables are bought at a cooperative based in Windhoek and delivered in refrigerated truck 3 times a week. 
  • They have their own beehives within the lodge to provide honey. 
  • Mainly serve South African wines as well as some very decent Namibian wines.
  • Use of antics.
  • Where cement dams were present (remnants from old cattle farming days within the land), they were modified to be deeper and have a reduced surface area.
  • On-site grown (re)plantation: Only endemic vegetation was used, and avoided removing plants when constructing as much as possible.
Natural Design
  • Only use natural fabrics for the guestrooms (cotton, gunny, hessian…) and tried to avoid synthetic and non-naturally tainted items and gave preference to hypoallergenic products. 
  • Predominance of raw materials and use of local techniques.
Waste Control
  • Waste sorting and recycling at every level of the operations. 
  • Avoidance of plastic use.
Water Management
  • The lodge benefits from the capital water connection and they also have a special water treatment facility in place.
  • Only use biodegradable detergents to avoid water pollution. 
  • All water provided to guests in plastic bottles are from the brand “Oasis Natural Mineral Water”, that supports the NGO “Rhino for Erongo” and supports endangered animals protection. 
Wellness Products
  • Provide their own bath amenities, created by the brand and free of paraben. 
  • Spa amenities (massage oils, treatment creams…) come from Namibia and are made with local plants.


10 Huts


Restaurant & Bars
Infinity Pool


Twice daily, non-private excursions are organized within the reserve. Those sunrise/sunset tours (on vehicle) will be the occasion to discover the conservancy side of the reserve, to spot several wild animals and to spend a delicious moment contemplating the stunning panorama around a light breakfast and a plentiful aperitif.


Windhoek Hosea Kutako Airport (international and domestic flights – 25min) or Windhoek Eros Airport (domestic flights – 35min) are the closest airports to join the property.


Temperatures feel very enjoyable all year with a low chance of precipitation most of the year. The warmest time of year is generally mid December where highs are regularly around 34°C with temperatures rarely dropping below 18.3°C at night. The middle-year months have comfortably cool weather with high temperatures that are comfortable.


Good to Know

The property has an epic story: Angelina Jolie spoke to Arnaud Zannier, founder of the brand, about the incredible work of a friend of her (Dr. Rudie van Vuuren) with the N/A’an ku sê foundation, involved in the reintroduction and protection of the Namibian wild life. M. Zannier immediately fell in love with the beauty of the landscapes and decided to establish there the Omaanda Hotel.


The signature ritual is inspired from ancient traditional treatment utilizes a centuries-old village recipe of warmed herbs and spices to increase blood circulation and ease aches and pains. It consists of a refreshing and exotic aromatic blend of Namibian roots, herbs and spices ground in a mortar and pestle, applied to the body as scrub. 

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