A one-of-a-kind floating hotel in Sweden’s Lapland is the slow-travel wellness experience that’s out of this world. 


The floating wooden structure on the Lule River pays homage to the region’s northern heritage when in the 1800s, the river served as a route for timber transportation. These days, the river banks are home to Arctic Bath, a contemporary hotel and spa experience that connects wellness with the landscape. 


Arctic Bath has managed to exist with a minimal environmental footprint while enticing guests to experience the midnight sun and the elusive northern lights. It’s here that guests are offered a warm, secluded hideaway with a difference. Inside the intricate wooden nest, you’ll find a traditional open-air cold bath and a floating sauna.


A part of history in the northernmost region, cold baths are attributed to easing sore and aching muscles. Together with the sauna, it’s believed to benefit your central nervous system and limit the inflammatory response. What’s more, is that you no longer have to choose between an outdoor adventure and a wellness pursuit; at Arctic Bath, you can do both simultaneously.  


Arctic Bath believes that well-being is a four-pillared approach, combining proper nutrition, regular exercise, peace of mind, and care of the face and body. Here, guests have the opportunity to recalibrate and begin a wellness journey while connecting to the environment. 


In winter, the cold bath is framed by powdery snow and open to the elements above. A previous guest has set a record of 5 minutes and 10 seconds in the freezing waters. Still, for those more inclined to relax more comfortably, several spa treatments offer guests total mind and body relaxation while floating on the Lule River, which is bound to instill a feeling of tranquility and peace.


The menu combines well-being rituals from a Swedish Arctic massage to Bäck, a traditional hot stone treatment used by the Sami people to protect and heal the body for thousands of years. A visit to the Arctic spa includes a bathrobe, bathing suit, and natural spa products from Kerstin Florian, all of which are given to you to take home and continue your wellness journey.  


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