A hotel dedicated to holistic wellbeing, Koukoumi Hotel Mykonos is putting the traditional village of Ano Mera on the map with vegan health and wellness experiences for every traveler.


The peaceful sanctuary of Koukoumi Hotel beckons travelers from all corners with the promise of carefree island living and a sustainable plant-based food concept that’s earned the stylish boutique hotel revered accolades, including the Vegan Hotel of the Year 2020. 


As Greece’s first and only vegan hotel, Koukoumi Hotel redefines plant-based food with sustainable bespoke experiences for each guest formed on the guiding principles of authenticity, simplicity, and balance. Here, guests can opt-in for a tailormade nutritional program in collaboration with the hotel’s personal trainer. With options like Detox, Hi-Protein, and Keto available, guests can stay in a secluded, Myconian paradise while bettering their health and fitness. 


To balance the body and mind, Koukoumi Hotel offers spiritual wellbeing with Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga classes, functional training, and outdoor programs like long-distance running and free walking while discovering the hills and beaches of magnificent Mykonos. 


A thoughtfully designed plant-based food menu offers nutritious, balanced meals that cater to every culture and taste preference to complement individual wellness and fitness endeavors. Koukoumi’s restaurant is anything but expected with a vegan, ethnic, Mediterranean, Greek-inspired menu that’s sure to delight every tastebud. Natural, cruelty-free ingredients like fresh fruit and vegetables, legumes, grains, seeds, and nuts are sourced from trusted local suppliers, while the kitchen promises premium quality ingredients with minimal or no processing.


For breakfast, guests can fuel up on homemade bread, vegan omelets, or a colorful Acai bowl at their leisure before setting off to a nearby beach. Throughout the day, vegan smoothies and juices are served fresh by the glistening pool, and when the mood strikes, vegan cocktails are yours to sip and savor in the sunshine


Dinner time is a sensory experience that will challenge any notion of plant-based cooking. Koukoumi’s vegan chef uses 100% organic ingredients, freshly picked on-property that will inspire you to try dishes like Black Rissoto Sea Breeze—a delightful mix of spicy mushroom ceviche, panko crumble flavored with ouzo and lime puree.


To ensure the future success of the gardens and sustainability initiatives, Koukoumi recycles all kitchen leftovers with a dedicated compost heap to supplement the property’s garden.


And, while Koukoumi Hotel continues to lure guests in with the premise of intentional wellness with the benefit of breathtaking Cycladic views, the hotel seeks to remind travelers that you can live (and travel) well without harming animals or the environment.


See hotel here: https://rethink.travel/hotels/koukoumi/


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