Vigilius Mountain Resort

Located at nearly 5,000 feet above sea level, this South Tyrolean green hotel offers its guests a stay filled with peace and tranquility, kindled by the spectacular Alpine views and the exquisitely designed interiors.

Here you are invited to follow the rhythm of nature, while you’re provided with the ideal space and environment to focus on your mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing. Relaxation at the vigilius doesn’t come at the expenses of the environment: “eco not ego” has been their guiding principal ever since they built this hotel, the first one in Italy to be A-class ClimateHouse certified.


A step from Paradise

The hotel lies on the Vigiljoch mountain, called Monte San Vigilio in Italian. When guests arrive at the vigilius mountain resort, they leave behind the hustle and bustle of the city and they find themselves immersed in fairytale-like mountain forests, fresh and crystal-clear air and a wide, breathtaking horizon: the perfect elements to aid their relaxation journeys. “Being far away from the hectic stress and traffic noise of the city, making it easier for our visitors to concentrate on themselves and on nature,” says Eva-Maria Zöggeler, the hotel’s Marketing Manager. “At vigilius, you can be completely natural and authentic.” The South Tyrolean traditions here are very much alive, so much so that the vigilius mountain resort is reachable only via “Bahndl”—a cable car ascends up nearly 4,000 feet in just 7 minutes. At this hotel, nestled in the heart of the Alps, you can truly get a taste of the Alpine lifestyle and admire the beauties that the Etsch Valley has to offer: drink the Vigiljocher mineral spring water, visit the 13th-century Saint Vigilius chapel and enjoy the ski resort on snowy winter days.

Sustainability at High-Altitude

In spring 2001, the owner of the vigilius mountain resort, Ulrich Ladurner, and architect Matteo Thun stood in front of the “Berghotel Vigiljoch,” a once famous hotel that at the turn of the new millennium was nothing more than a ruin. “All or nothing?” was the question. The answer: “Start afresh, with nature as the guiding force and tranquility the goal, rigorously adhere to this ethos and direct our focus firmly on the future.” They wanted to build a hotel that was low-impact and tailored to the location, and that’s exactly what they achieved. At this resort, the boundaries between architecture and nature is almost inexistent, as the vigilius almost seems to merge and blend together harmoniously with its Alpine surroundings. Natural materials made from renewable sources, such as glass, larch wood, natural stone and visible earth plaster, were used to build both the interior and exterior of the building. Despite its very exposed location, the resort’s heating requirements are very low, thanks to the building shell and construction, while the wood panel structure avoids overheating during the summer. This South Tyrolean green hotel is heated not via gas or oil, but via biomass. The wood chips they use come from local, mountain farmers for whom the hotel’s business represents a secure side-line income. Vigilius mountain resort protects the nearby forests and minimizes its pollutant emissions via optimized combustion with efficient flue gas filtration. They are also very mindful of their use of water and paper and the kitchen staff uses chiefly local and preferably organic products that come from the region’s farmers and producers. The resort’s great commitment to their sustainable ethos has earned them many awards over the years, making it a household name in the “ecological luxury” realm. In 2005 the WWF association awarded them the “Amici del clima” special prize for sustainable Alpine tourism. One year later they received the “Premio all’innovazione amica dell’ambiente” given by the Italian environmental association Legambiente.

Anyone who comes here is looking to find themselves and to find us. In simplicity.

South Tyrolean hospitality at its Finest

Here guests have a plethora of choices when it comes to fun, relaxing activities. A day can start at the 1500 Restaurant on the first floor, where you can enjoy your meal in a cozy and elegant space while gazing at the view. The restaurant staff’s approach to food and cuisine can be perfectly summarized with these words by the Chef Filippo Zoncato: “It is my goal to conjure up in the plates of our guest those emotions that can be experienced only in the timeless ambience and lofty heights of the vigilius mountain resort.” Later on, you can go on an adventure and explore the surrounding area, which is filled to the brim with wonders. Choose between a visit to the charming Gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle, a wander through the picturesque streets of Bozen, a walk along the Waalwege irrigation channel routes or simply take a drive to Italy’s most stunning mountains, the Dolomites, a UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site. If, despite the heavenly sceneries that South Tyrol has to offer, you still want to immerse yourself in a story, you can do so at the library, a majestic room with an almost 20-foot-high ceiling, direct access to the outdoors and an impressive selection of books, CDs and DVDs. The spa is the perfect place to spend a mellow afternoon, relaxing in the infinity pool and getting Fango treatments and massages. “Feeling liberated and free, that is our motto at vigilius mountain spa,” says Naomi Kondo, Spa Manager at the vigilius. “Our spa on Mt. Vigilio is a unique place of silence and recreation, where our guests can free themselves from all physical as well as mental strains.” If your goal for the day is to savor an authentic Alpine experience, then you can lounge in the beautiful Stube ida, with its spectacular view of the Dolomites, traditional farmhouse furniture and a characteristic 100-years old tiled stove.

Vigilius mountain resort is a place of healing and wisdom, where the kind and experienced staff will guide you through a journey of self-discovery and connection to nature. In the words of Ulrich Ladurner, the owner of this marvelous green hotel: “Anyone who comes here is looking to find themselves and to find us. In simplicity. We want to give you that.”

images copyrights Florian Andergassen for vigilius mountain resort
words by Roberta Fabbrocino

September 11, 2020


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