To help you travel better, we gathered a list of people who founded companies we love.
The selection is based on personally vouching for these warm hearted professionals.

ASGUNFA / Morocco

Committed to sustainable travel to make as much as a possible positive impact on the people and the planet.

why we trust them: Habiba is Moroccan and knows her country inside-out, she will always guide you to discover the real culture and connect with real people.


At the heart of holidays to Sri Lanka, is low footfall travel that benefits the island, the people and the wild.

why we trust them: Chamintha the co-founder lived in Sri Lanka her entire life and knows the soul of her island.


A travel members club connecting travelers directly to local travel suppliers, for deeper trips, genuine cultural exchange, and tourism money staying inbound. 

Why we trust them:
 Stephen co-created the platform so smaller local suppliers could easily connect, promote and sell financially protected trips to European and US travelers.

PAK VOYAGER / Pakistan

Online Pakistan tour and travel booking platform – hand-picked hotels, sustainable tours

why we trust them: Mansoor is committed to highlighting his country, Pakistan, to the world and is passionate about every story the regions and its people have to tell.


Responsible and sustainable travel is a core value of Spain Less Traveled. Trips are designed to celebrate and embrace Spain’s unique cultures, with responsibility and sustainability at the forefront. 

why we trust them: Karen has a passion for the most remote Spanish villages and a true understanding of sustainability.

TERRA SUR TRAVEL / Peru, Ecuador, Galapagos, Colombia

“We have strong trust that cultural diversity is a driving force for development, not only in terms of economic growth but also as means of having a more enriching intellectual, emotional, moral and spiritual life.”

why we trust them: Angelica and Christian believe each trip is a way to educate and to have an emotional impact on the present and future. 

THEMBA TRAVEL / South Africa

“We use travel as a vehicle to bring about positive social and environmental impact to the South African communities.”

why we trust them: Chantal is South African and loves her roots, she will show you a side of her country you can’t find in the best travel guides.


“Travel has the power to create change and joy for everyone involved if done sustainably – we’re here to connect travel to your purpose.”

why we trust them: Sham can make you fall in love with Kenya before you even get there and is truly active in helping people travel better to her country.

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