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Our mission from day one has been to provide a unique platform for travelers
who seek more from their travels than a nice place to stay.



Get knowledge on sustainability and what is at stake through an interactive search engine.


We handpicked a selection of hotels and resorts based on sustainable criteria and high level of service.


We bring you sustainable luxury travel stories through our online magazine “The Conscious Traveler”.


We give you a voice, help your eco-transition or how to communicate on it, we help shape a message.


The Conscious Traveler is Rethink.Travel’s online magazine. We share evergreen stories with you, about our favorite hotels, people and projects. This is for anyone who love these hotels as much as we do. Get inspired and be a dreamer.


Based on our sustainable criteria, quality of service and overall delivery, we handpicked a selection of hotels that master eco-friendly practices, see our latest addition below and learn about what they do.

Six Senses Bhutan

Six Senses Bhutan

Six Senses BhutanHimalayan Kingdom of Bhutan Six Senses Bhutan is located within the Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan known for its rich diversity of flora and fauna along with omnipresent spirituality and colorful culture. Scattered throughout the western and central...

Le Mas de Peint

Le Mas de Peint

Le Mas de PeintArles, France The Bon family invites you to discover a secret and wild Camargue, land of passion and traditions, in the South of Provence. Their 17th century charming hotel offers 8 rooms and 7 junior suites allying big comfort and character, at the...

Senda Monteverde

Senda Monteverde

Senda MonteverdeMonteverde, Costa Rica Senda Monteverde is a new mountain and cloud forest retreat in Costa Rica, located just a stone’s throw from the famous Monteverde Cloud Forest Preserve. Reflecting the warmth and spirit of mountain life, this upscale hotel...



We want to inspire you and promote hotels that are operating in a sustainable way.
This is why we made a simple selection of 10 sustainable criteria. You’ll find them throughout Rethink.Travel,
as a guide to your sustainable 
educationfuture travel destination or next read.

Clean Energy

Clean energy installations including use of renewable electricity, as well as energy-efficient innovations.


Actions to empower local communities including education, healthcare, training and employment.


Conservation initiatives including preservation, protection and restoration of the natural environment and wildlife.


Education programs for guests to be informed on sustainable actions and enabling their support throughout their stay and beyond.

Fair Food

Fair food is the production of local, seasonal and organic produce to offer a healthier and more sustainable style of cuisine.


Protection of cultural heritage and sites by providing a unique possibility for guests to live and understand a destination’s story.

Natural Design

Use of sustainable and natural materials that can reduce operational costs as well as their overall impact on the environment.

Waste Control

Waste control is to avoid use of plastics or other non-recycling materials, as well as boost recycling and repurposing.

Water Management

Water management practices includes planning, controlling and distributing the optimum use of water resources.

Wellness Products

Wellness products include spa and bathroom amenities made without artificial ingredients that are bulk or packaged in recyclable containers.

For the curious visitor, we offer knowledge on sustainability and what is at stake through an interactive search engine.


This rise of consciousness within the luxury travel industry encouraged the team behind Rethink.Travel to act. The travel industry having a considerable impact on business and local communities, as well as being a vital extension of our lives, we strongly believe travel must be approached differently and that it can ultimately have a positive impact.

This is why we want to empower travelers & hoteliers to make conscious decisions through a full-service platform focusing on sustainable luxury travel.


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