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How to use Travel as a driver to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030 and learn to be a conscious traveler #RETHINKTRAVEL

Education is key in order to move into a more sustainable world

Our Mission is to empower people to make conscious travel and living the only choice, learn about the impact of travel on our planet and all living species.

We wanted to create a space for people to learn about sustainable and regenerative travel, get inspired for your next journey and read the latest news coming directly from our favorite hotels around the world.

RETHINK.TRAVEL is platform for travelers who seek more
from their travels than a nice place to stay.


Conversations with movers and shakers in and around the Travel Industry. Listen to the most inspiring conversations to understand global challenges and solutions.


We want to make it easy for everyone to understand how hotels operate in a sustainable way.
This is why we made a simple selection of 10 sustainable criteria you can use to gauge your hotel selection.

Clean Energy

Clean energy installations including use of renewable electricity, as well as energy-efficient innovations.


Actions to empower local communities including education, healthcare, training and employment.


Conservation initiatives including preservation, protection and restoration of the natural environment and wildlife.


Education programs for guests to be informed on sustainable actions and enabling their support throughout their stay and beyond.

Fair Food

Fair food is the production of local, seasonal and organic produce to offer a healthier and more sustainable style of cuisine.


Protection of cultural heritage and sites by providing a unique possibility for guests to live and understand a destination’s story.

Natural Design

Use of sustainable and natural materials that can reduce operational costs as well as their overall impact on the environment.

Waste Control

Waste control is to avoid use of plastics or other non-recycling materials, as well as boost recycling and repurposing.

Water Management

Water management practices includes planning, controlling and distributing the optimum use of water resources.

Wellness Products

Wellness products include spa and bathroom amenities made without artificial ingredients that are bulk or packaged in recyclable containers.

For the curious visitor, we offer knowledge on sustainability and what is at stake.


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