Creating an exclusive hideaway in nature without disturbance is a tall order, but a secluded hotel in Sweden is proof that architecture and nature can co-exist.


On the banks of the Lule River, in Harads, Sweden, is Treehotel. Here, suspended above the ground in the canopies of a giant pine forest, guests can sleep in nature without disturbing the natural environment. 


Inspired by the film “The Tree Lover” by Jonas Selberg Augustsen, Scandinavian architects created uniquely designed rooms suspended 13 to 20 feet above the ground. While adhering to strict ecological values and making a minimal environmental impact, the architects favored materials and construction techniques that wouldn’t damage or threaten any part of the ancient pine forest. 


Treehotel’s founders, Britta and Kent, allocated considerable resources to find sustainable construction and energy solutions that formed the base of their unwavering environmental philosophy. With local construction companies, the duo supported the community by sourcing materials from the region that complemented the natural environment without compromising it, and remarkably, through meticulous care and planning, not one tree was cut down to build Treehotel.


Sustainability practices are critical to the success of Treehotel, which the founders agree is a long-term plan and the build was a vital first step. Each of the seven treehouses features an eco outdoor wood floor with no chemical substances and is heated to 200 degrees Celcius to activate intrinsic resistance to protect against destruction. Rooms are kept warm using substantial installation and underfloor heating. The electricity is supplied locally from green hydroelectric power, and the lighting consists of low-energy LED systems.


A promising start combined with daily efforts means Treehotel is undoubtedly heading in the right direction with practices implemented to protect the environment without compromising on the guest experience. The rooms are cleaned using eco-friendly products, and a completely odorless, environmentally friendly combustion toilet is powered by electricity. Bathrooms have water-efficient sinks with running water sufficient for washing hands, face, and brushing teeth, and all wastewater is collected and emptied daily. And while showers are in a separate building, the simple approach to guest accommodation is a small price to pay for a healthy habitat. 

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