A UNESCO World Heritage site surrounds Ula Ulagalla and the 150-year-old mansion that centers on the 58-acre property in the ancient kingdom of Anuradhapura. Here a rich cultural heritage and historical significance transcend the guest experience with sustainability for the environment and community at its core.  


Existing in a remote location and boarding two ancient reservoirs comes with an unwavering responsibility to protect and sustain the local environment and its inhabitants. Ula Ulagalla’s commitment to its land and its people is evident with notable sustainability focuses, proving that the sustainability journey evolves internally. 


The resort, which has been operational since 2010, underwent a complete renovation, with the conscious decision to remodel existing buildings, minimalizing the need for new materials while implementing sustainability strategies to reduce the property’s carbon footprint.


A key element in reducing the environmental impact of the resort included the use of Dura. This straw bonded panel is 100% recyclable and reduces the need for air conditioning due to its low conductivity. In addition, the resort’s implementation of 90% LED lights throughout the villas and guests areas has contributed to an 80% reduction in its carbon footprint. 


To further protect the local environment, the resort elevated the resort’s structure to minimize the need for extensive earthworks. As a result, each of the property’s 25 villas faces the green of neighboring rice paddies, lively jungle canopies, or the mesmerizing glimmer of the lake. Inside, you’ll find far more to this sanctuary than spacious abodes and sparkling private pools, with the inclusion of natural room amenities supplied for each guest. 100% natural and vegetarian wellness products are hand-crafted by Healing Island, a local organization that empowers and sustains rural families through employment opportunities.


Thirty-eight percent of Ula Ulagalla’s workforce are employed from nearby villages, urging the resort to act as custodians for their environment and inspiring daily sustainability practices with a no plastic straw policy, refillable water stations with glass bottles provided, and recycling bins dotted around the property. 


To maintain the momentum on their sustainability journey, Ula Ulagalla relies on the mutual support of guests to carry out these initiatives daily. Upon arrival, all guests receive information on the resort’s sustainability efforts with advice on how they too can protect the environment during their stay. And, in respect to the land, Ula Ulagalla has a policy against conducting any activity that may harm animals or habitats. 

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